Foresight Factory

A comprehensive Lean UX discovery and design project to refresh and improve the usability of a global news trends platform

We joined creative technology agency Spicerack to provide support on a bespoke platform build for global trends experts Foresight Factory. Through Lean UX research and discovery we were able to advise key stakeholders on what it was they both wanted and needed on the finished platform.

A bespoke platform capable of delivering rich data analysis

Project context

This project happened when Adam was Managing Director and Principal UX Consultant at Natural Interaction, a UX agency in Bristol.

Adam led a team of UX Consultants, Researchers and Designers as well as directly conducting user research, UX design and running workshops in a hands on capacity.

A screenshot of Foresight Factory


Foresight Factory are data experts. Their global consumer trends reports and insight are used by clients all over the world to inform, predict and disrupt their industries. They needed a new bespoke platform which was capable of delivering this rich data analysis to feed into content created by their inhouse team.

This platform needed to offer staff a superior editing and publication services through its CMS whilst simultaneously delivering intuitive search and content discovery to its subscribers.

Working collaboratively with a visual designer from Spicerack, we were asked to provide prototype wireframes based on an extensive UX-focused test and learn process for the platform’s content creation, subscriptions management, user sign up and purchasing pages.

Adam BP
Managing Director

The key design challenge was helping users make sense of the breadth of insight available. We designed a feature allowing users to curate content by themes which were meaningful to them.


Approach & project

Using our lean approach to UX we began with a discovery phase, running a number of workshops with both internal stakeholders at Foresight Factory and their end users to develop a clear understanding of their goals and user journeys.

Alongside these workshops, we realised it would be integral to get under the skin of this complex brief if we were going to deliver the smooth user experience expected. And so, we spent time understanding and challenging the functionality of everything from content hierarchies, taxonomies, search interface behaviour, content viewing pages to end user registration journeys.

This information was then used by Spicerack in the overall design and build of the platform itself. Once this was done, we conducted one final round of user testing to ensure everything worked smoothly prior to launch.


Since delivery in January 2017, the platform has seen over 5,000 users across 450+ clients and with a 70% reduction in the time it takes for new subscribers to join up. This new easy to use, intuitive platform has also seen a 63% increase in client satisfaction scores and there has been a 300% uplift in downloads and content shares.

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