USER Research & UX Design Sprints

Immersive Labs

Make it easier to learn to hack

Immersive Labs has built a platform which allows users to acquire cyber security skills through practical exercises, rather than traditional learning.

It’s used by a range of people, from bank employees to ex forces personnel looking for a new career. We were brought in to help them make the platform as user friendly as possible for these different users, all of whom consume content and learn in different ways.

A screenshot from the Immersive Labs platform

Key outcomes

  • Rapid experimentation to identify the correct behaviour of key functionality

  • Insight into user behaviour and attidues to the platform

  • A collaborative partnership where we became a trusted advisor

Project context

This project happened when Adam was Managing Director and Principal UX Consultant at Natural Interaction, a UX agency in Bristol.

Adam led a team of UX Consultants, Researchers and Designers as well as directly conducting user research, UX design and running workshops in a hands on capacity.

The challenge should be the lessons, not finding them.

What began as a standalone project to improve the usability of the Immersive Labs platform, ended up becoming a series of projects and now, a very positive ongoing relationship.

The first challenge for us was working out how best to user test the Immersive Labs platform. Because the platform teaches cyber-security and uses code, many of the tasks involved our participants completing exercises on a Linux command line. Although some of our participants came from the tech industry, many of them had no real frame of reference for what they were testing, compared to the more usual example of an ecommerce site for example.  This meant we had to plan and moderate the sessions in a different way, allowing time for the users to learn as well as interact with the system.

Using the results from this initial user testing project, we moved on to run a series of collaborative Lean UX sprints with the Immersive Labs team. These have so far included work on their Information Architecture, Following on from this initial user testing project, user journeys, microcopy writing and new feature development.

The new feature development was inspired by feedback collected during our research. Currently in development, it offers users the ability to apply learning objectives and for their line managers to indicate which ‘labs’ give them the skills they need within their specific interest area.  

"Adam and his team came to Immersive Labs highly recommended by our Head Of Design.

Thankfully they’ve lived up to the hype. Their initial research was extremely valuable in helping us understand how different audiences approach using our SAAS product.

Since then, we’ve collaborated together on several agile projects to improve and optimise features. They feel like an extension of our team and we hope to continue our collaboration in future."

Fred McGroarty, Product Director, Immersive Labs